The Tel Burna Archaeological Project 2019 Season
Season - June 16-July 12, 2019
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Dr. Itzhaq Shai

Head of the Institute of Archaeology, Ariel University
Director, The Tel Burna Archaeological Project
Assistant Professor, Israel Heritage Department
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Ariel University
P.O.B. 3, Ariel 40700

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Aerial view showing the locations of the excavated areas
Current Excavation Results
The site of Tel Burna is located in the Shephelah region, which served as a border between the kingdoms of Judah and Philistia in the Iron Age. A fertile area that supported agricultural production, the region became known as the breadbasket of the south and as suggested before by some scholars, we believe that the site is the best candidate for Biblical Libnah. The tel’s prominence is notable in its flat-topped shape, extensive size, and fortification which are still visible today. Survey finds from the 2009 season indicate that the city was an important entity in the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Seven seasons of fieldwork at the site, including a survey season and six excavation seasons, have presented us with a coherent picture of the site’s past settlement history. Area A2 is located on the center of the summit of the tel, where a fortification system, which will be discussed in depth shortly, has created a flat, almost square area of 70 by 70 meters. Two areas placed along the eastern and western slopes of the summit (respectively A1 and B2), forming a section of the upper tell. Area (B1) was placed in the terrace just below the summit, to the west of the fortifications. And Area C located on the eastern slopes of the site, where agricultural installation are seen on surface.
Summary and Future Plans
The previous excavations at Tel Burna have revealed Late Bronze and Iron Age II levels, including the fortifications and a series of silos. They provide the first step in a long-term investigation of the site’s history, particularly stressing its location along the Judahite-Philistine border.

This coming year, we intend to focus on the following goals:
1. Continue excavation in the open squares, in order to verify the dating and relationships of the various features.
2. Expending Area A2 in order to understand the plan of the 8th century BCE building.
3. Expanding the section from Area B2 and B1
4. Expanding the excavations in Area B2.
5. Expanding the excavations in Area C
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Aerial view showing the locations of the excavated areas
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