Arizona Burners Without Border Grant Submission
The maximum amount of this Az BWB micro-grant is $500. You can apply for additional grants within a year but the total amount must not exceed $500. If it does you are responsible for any taxes. The aim of this grant is to create a positive impact in our community by contributing financially to small projects. Ideally this is the first step in creating a lasting legacy and stronger community interaction through inspiring ideas. The limitations are minimal to promote big ideas, yet the grants are not to fund salaries, capital campaigns, for-profits companies, fundraising, or for projects that lack civic responsibly. Grants should have an element of community volunteerism. By requesting this grant you understand that we are sponsoring in part your submission and will use it for various media forums.
Name of Project
Amount Requesting
Name of Requester
Requester Phone Number
Requester Email
Partner Organization
Partner Organization Contact Phone Number
Partner Organization Contact Email
Describe the Project
How will the project impact the community?
Which of the 10 principles does your align with?
How many Volunteers are needed?
What is your timeline for the Project?
What Materials are needed (provide links if available)
Who is responsible for keeping records for the Project? (provide contact information)
How will the legacy of your project continue in the future? If any. Or is it a one time project?
Do you agree to submit pictures and a short write up of the project to be posted on Social Media?
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