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Hello! The course has started, but you are welcome to join us. Just fill this for and I'll add you to our Slack group and send you some details on what has happened so far.

Upcoming monthly sessions:
17th of April, 8th of May & 12th of June
16:00 – 20:00

Skills / Experience
This info is for other participants in the course, so we all know what skills we have and can ask each other for help.
Know the basics
Compositing / After effects
2D Animation
Sound design
3D modeling
3D animation
Unreal Engine
Other skills not mentioned above
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Peer learning structure:
We meet once a month for a peer learning session in Otaniemi. Each session explores a different topic and is held by one of us, I'll call them the "session coordinator" for that round.

The session coordinator will prepare a session together with 2 other people who will help them with research and preparation if needed.

Each sessions aim is to:
- Explore the technical basics together and do tutorials in order to get a basic practical understanding, so we can start building small experiments.
- Give some suggestions on how to make art with this particular tool introduced in the session, explore possibilities and show some real live examples from other people.
- Have a pitching session, where each participant will explain how they will use the tools we explored in this session during the next month, what they will try to create.

Responsibilities of each session's coordinator:
- Define a challenge/theme for their session.
- Prepare the session, doing research together with their helpers.
- Send out materials for people to prepare for the session one week in advance (what software they need to install, what tutorials to do, what videos to watch, articles to read,...)
- Facilitate the session, give a presentation on the basics and make sure that participants get enough opportunities to practice and try out things during your session.
- Get participants to develop ideas for developing their own artworks with the tools/ideas you presented in your session. Get them to pitch it to the others.
- Host a presentation session of what people did during the next session (probably at the end of the next session).
- Optional: Organise co-working sessions (can be flexible drop-in/drop-out) before the presentation of the results if needed.

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Ideas for topics
Do you want to call dibs on coordinating or helping with one of these suggestions for topics from other participants of the course? You can also add your own suggestions at "other"...
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We'll be using google docs for preparing the peer learning sessions together and sharing resources.
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