Panel or Individual Paper Submission

Organized Panels are proposed by individual scholars around a common subject or theme. Formal papers are presented, often followed by discussion. A 250-word (maximum) abstract is required for each panel proposal, in addition to the 250-word (maximum) abstract for each paper on the panel. The abstracts provided for each prospective paper presentation are very important, but the overall panel abstract is of greatest importance. Panels should preferably include a maximum number of six (5) active participants on a panel, including the chair and discussant. Organized panels should include at least a minimum of three papers and a maximum of four paper presentations only.

The exact configuration of paper presenters and discussants is left to your discretion. One option would be to have a panel chair, four short paper presentations designed to stimulate discussion, and one discussant or 3 papers, and 1 or 2 discussants; or omit the discussant altogether and leave more time for Q & A with the audience

    This is a required question