QACON '18 Registration Form
Welcome to the registration form for the 11th annual Queer and Asian Conference at UC Berkeley on April 27th - 29th, 2018!

Date: April 27th - 29th, 2018
Location: UC Berkeley Campus
Friday Opening: TBD
Saturday: Dwinelle Hall
Sunday: Tilden Room, 5th Floor of MLK (Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union)

Mission Statement:

In the face of attacks on our communities, last year’s QACON presented “Enough” to convey the message of empowerment and resistance, in that we are both enough and have had enough. Since then, there have been countless attacks, from Trump’s attempt to ban trans folks in the military to the deportations of Southeast Asian and Muslim refugees and immigrants. Despite this, we constantly exercise our power to heal, grow, and rise. Our communities thrive because we rise through adversity. And if we did not face and overcome our terrors, we would not be here today. So with the spirit of resilience and resistance in mind, QACON ’18 wants to push beyond being merely enough—we are Limitless.

Being limitless is about realizing our potential to be more without neglecting our past and present struggles. We must acknowledge our limits, whether they be bamboo ceilings or gender binaries, and push past them. With the election of Danica Roem, the first openly trans state legislator, and Taiwan’s legalization of same sex marriage, these triumphs show that we already challenge the limits of labels and victimizing narratives. We will only continue to do so through the everyday radical act of existing as queer Asians and embracing our boundless potential.

The QACON ’18 Planning Committee invites you to explore how we can continuously channel this spirit of “Limitless.” We want you to leave this space of affirmation, education, and empowerment with boundless pride for your communities—for what you all have been through and for what you all are capable of accomplishing.

We invite your imagination to take flight towards our unbounded and limitless future.

****** This conference is FREE and open to ALL to attend. *******

Housing: If you need housing, please fill out this form:

Fragrance free: Please help ensure that this event is safe and accessible for our community members with chemical sensitivities. Prepare several days in advance to not bring any scent on your hair, body, or clothing from colognes and perfumes, scented laundry detergent, hair and body products, “natural” products, and essential oils. To learn more about fragrance free, please visit:

Contact: For more information about the conference or if you have any questions, please visit: (currently under construction) or message us at Check out our Facebook Page for updates at

Volunteer Form: If you would like to volunteer at QACON or provide housing for attendees, a link will be here as soon as it is finalized!

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