ServiceSpace Youth Internship Application: Summer 2017
ServiceSpace's 9-week Youth Internship is a space for high school and college students to engage in service, deepen in values, and nurture the conditions for inner transformation.

It all started a few summers back, when young minds asked how they could be of service. They circled up with a team of mentors and dove headlong into a curriculum that spanned weekly readings and videos, daily practices, dialogue via video conference calls, and simultaneously rolled up their sleeves to volunteer on resonant projects-- from graphics to writing, filmmaking, tech, web research, and beyond. Over the years, an array of youth have flowed through, and we've fallen in love with all that unfolds -- from 30-day Kindness Challenge adventures, trackable "smile cards', thoughtful short films, surprising parents with breakfast in bed, and many disarming moments of generosity.

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This Summer 2017, we're at it again!

If you'd like to join, fill out the application below and one of our coordinators will be in touch. Many of us are based in the Bay Area, CA, with the possibility for remote engagement as well.

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