Add a Facility to the DCNC Registry
If you have a facility that is not listed in the ISDCF Registry and you would like to be, please provide the information below to be added. You can email us at for additional information.
Email *
Facility Code *
Mix of 3 uppercase letters (A-Z) and digits (0-9). Example: FRZ
Facility Name / Description *
Example: Menze Digital Post
Facility Website *
Location of Facility *
Example: Montreal, Canada
Obsoleted Code
If this code is replacing another one currently on the list, or you have a new code for a currently listed facility name, please enter code that should be marked as "obsoleted" (We never remove codes used for historical purposes)
Old Facility Name
If this is a facility name change (and retaining the same code), please enter old facility name
Contact Name *
Example: Mr. X
Contact Address *
Example: 123 rue Sainte-Catherine, H2X 3Y2
If you wish to update a current Facility's contact info, please fill out all the fields above, check this box, and define which codes to update below (contact info will be applied to all codes listed).
Codes to Update
Please list the codes to be updated with this contact info, separated by commas. Example: ABC, DEF
Opt Out
Click the checkbox below if you do not want your contact information listed in the registry (this applies only to email, name, and address). Unless you opt out, this contact information will be publicly available via the ISDCF DCNC website, the ISDCF registry JSON file, and ISDCF GitHub repositories.
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