RL Serve Grant Money
You probably have someone in your life that has some kind of need. Maybe they need a room painted, a wheel chair ramp installed, a fence repair, or a few meals provided. We want to help you meet that need. We have some grant money set aside that you can request to meet the need of your neighbor, friend, co-worker, or whoever it is in your life. We will help with the supplies/resources so that you can show love to whoever that person is!

We want to be a people, a church, that is known for serving. The goal behind RL Serve is to foster a heart of service into each person that calls Real Life home. The goal of this fund is to continue fostering this kind of attitude in each of us.

Use this form to request funds for a need that you see. We have a {loose} maximum amount we will distribute of $500 per project. However, please request the full estimated amount.
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