Missourians Opposed to HB 1936 & 1937
As Missourians concerned with the epidemic of gun violence occurring in our state, we are writing to urge your opposition to bills that would make our communities less safe from gun violence, particularly HB 1936 and HB 1937. These dangerous bills would threaten public safety, undermine local law enforcement in our state, and trample on private property rights.

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, FL, much attention has been paid to gun violence in this country. Missouri has long been dealing with the issue, though, partly because of lawmakers’ successful past attempts to dismantle laws that protect our communities. Every year, nearly 1,000 Missourians are shot and killed with guns. Yet, proposals are still being pushed in our state to further weaken our gun laws - even at the expense of private property owners - and to undermine local law enforcement.

HB 1936 - Pushing a Guns-Everywhere Agenda, Trampling Private Property Rights
One proposal, HB 1936, would force public colleges and universities in Missouri to allow hidden, loaded handguns on their campuses - even if school administrators and public safety officials don’t believe that to be the right choice for their campus. This means decisions about campus safety are being made in Jefferson City, not close to the communities that these colleges and universities serve. HB 1936 would also allow people to carry hidden, loaded handguns in Missouri private elementary, middle and high schools, as well as childcare facilities. And the bill would go even further by allowing handguns on private property in Missouri - even if the property owner has posted a no-guns-allowed sign - as long as the firearm is kept in a vehicle. Lawmakers in our state who value public safety and private property rights should reject this proposal.

HB 1937 - Further Undermining Local Law Enforcement
Another proposal, HB 1937, would further weaken public safety by eliminating local governments’ ability to restrict the open carrying of firearms. Every community in Missouri is different, and we should be giving our local officials and local law enforcement all the necessary tools to address the specific public safety needs of their communities. Lawmakers in our state who talk about the importance of local solutions and keeping government close to home should reject this proposal.

We encourage lawmakers to look at proactive solutions to deal with the scourge of gun violence in our communities. Further weakening our public safety laws and undermining Missourians’ values is not the answer.


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