Free "Beginning Music Theory and Piano Course" sign up sheet.
Answer only the questions you wish to then hit the submit button at the bottom of the page to sign up for the free 14-week music theory and sight-reading course. Every Saturday 6 pm till 8 pm pacific time. In-person in Van Nuys or participate live on the web. We'll also be posting videos of previously aired classes in case you can't attend live.

    Our instructor Dave "Rain" Banta has a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from "The King's College" New York, N.Y. where he attended on a music performance scholarship. He taught at UCLA for 10 years and k-12 music in public schools for several years.
This course is 100% free we're just trying to bring musicality back to music.
   read more about Dave and hear his work at
(818) 468 5701

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