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You're welcome to use a pen name/alias, but we'll need your official name to set up your publishing account. If using a pen name please also enter your official name in brackets.
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Having a subtitle may help more readers discover your book, although it is not a requirement. Think of a subtitle that would sell your book to potential readers. A subtitle can instantly grab a readers attention and give them a better idea of your plot. For example, Night Sky (book title): An action thriller based in the Spanish Costas (subtitle). Would you have known the plot was based in Spain without the subtitle? :-) Maximum of 200 characters.
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Please let us know the approx. word count of your manuscript.
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We offer professional editing services by experienced proofreaders and copy-editors. Select 'Yes' if you would like a quote. There is no requirement to purchase an editing service, but please ensure your manuscript has been thoroughly checked before submission.
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We'll register your publishing account - where you will track sales, royalties etc. - to this email address.
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There may be extra fees involved if your book will have numerous images/diagrams. We'll let you know in advance of any extra charges.
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If your email is associated with an Amazon account we will ask you to temporarily change your password so we can set up your KDP account. Alternatively, you could supply us with another email address not associated with an Amazon account. Kindle is an Amazon company and your new KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account will be linked to your Amazon account.
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Please supply us with an address to where your KDP publishing account will be registered.
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We recommend that authors enrol in KDP SELECT. More info on the program can be found here
Keywords are essential to ensure books are reaching the right readers. Amazon allows 7 keywords for Kindle publishing, and 5 keywords for Paperback publishing. It's always best to use phrases rather than a single keyword. E.g. Rather than enter "feel good" & "fiction" as separate keywords you can combine them as a phrase, "feel good fiction". List the seven keywords or phrases that best describe your book in the field below, separated by a comma. We'll check the Keywords to ensure they are well-ranked, and we'll tweak them if needed to ensure the best possible chance of sales to your target audience. Here is a link to some useful tips on keyword selection
This is what will appear as your book description on the Kindle store, Amazon page and other online outlets. If you haven't completed your blurb yet please forward it to us as soon as it's completed. We'll let you know if your blurb is of a good standard and advise you of any recommended amendments.You can upload the blurb via the file upload function (Please include the book title in the file) or enter it in the field below.
Blurb (For Kindle & Print package only)
This should be a summary of the book description in order to fit the trim size of a print book. The blurb will appear on the rear cover of a paperback book. Again, you can either send us the blurb via the file upload function (Including the title of the book), or enter it in the field below.
Cover design ideas
Please let us know if you have any ideas you would like us to include in your cover design. Covers are designed using edited and customised professional stock images. Illustration designs are not included in our packages and will incur further costs. Please let us know if you require a custom drawn/coloured illustration.
What is your preferred list price for your Kindle eBook? (Leave blank if you want us to suggest a list price.)
Remember, eBooks priced between £1.99 - £9.99 will receive a 70% royalty rate, and eBooks priced outside of this bracket will receive a 35% royalty rate. Pricing of POD (Print On Demand) paperback books will be determined at a later stage. Amazon will set a minimum cost for which you can sell your book. This covers the production & distribution costs of your book. We won't know the exact minimum amount until your manuscript has been formatted for paperback publishing, but we can estimate the cost for you.
Tax Interview *
Before a book can be published through Amazon a tax interview will need to be completed. This is a short online form which is completed from your publishing account. We can legally complete the form on your behalf, or if you prefer, you can personally complete the form. The tax interview is to establish if you'll need to pay any taxes to the US tax authorities for book/ebook sales in America, as Amazon is an American company. The UK has a tax treaty in place with the US, so UK citizens, and citizens from many other countries, will not pay further taxes on book/ebook sales in America. Here is the official Amazon guide to the tax interview Please select your preferred option below. Please note: If you would like us to complete the tax interview we will need your National Insurance number or tax identification number. The tax interview is only to establish if any taxes will be paid to the US tax authorities. It is an authors responsiblity to inform their local tax authority of any earnings from self-publishing.
Tax identification/ National insurance number
If you have selected the option for us to complete your tax interview please enter your Tax identification/ National insurance number below.
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