DARKWEB series
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My name is Ellan Weis, and I’m a teen kickboxer.

Something happens to me, where I can sense disaster. Death. Before it happens.

In the near future, populations have disintegrated, climate-change racks the world. History has been near abolished, replaced with vague hints of a civil war, yet I know something they’re telling us is wrong.

My mother’s a key player in rolling out a new Haloband, smart-VR headgear technology at Starcom. My brother’s a hacker working at the same company, my dad’s fooling around with someone at work.

Even with these new found powers, can I possibly do the right thing? It’s a fight to the end, time is running out, with the sickening possibility that the good guys may lose…

The Darkweb series is near-future paranormal SF. Coming soon!

Anticipated release, May, 2019.

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