Linworth Experiential Program Application for Winter Semester 2023 Enrollment

Linworth Experiential Program enrollment is open to all Worthington High School students. Completed applications will be accepted until Friday, December 16, 2022.  If the number of applications exceeds the staffing enrollment limit, students will be chosen through a combination of random selection and the staff’s discretion.  All individuals not accepted into our program at that time will be placed on a wait list based on the order of selection from the separate grade level pools.  Any completed application received after the application deadline will be placed at the end of the wait list.  


1. Student submits this "Linworth Experiential Program Application" Google Form

2. Student or parent/guardian contacts student's current school counselor to coordinate a half-day visit to Linworth for the applicant.  It is also fine to request to have this coordinated prior to step 1.  During this visit, the student will be linked with a current Linworth student and will attend two different classes, meet with a staff member, and learn more about Linworth.  It's a valuable step and allows the student to really get the feel of Linworth and have any questions answered.

3. Parent/guardian submits "Linworth Experiential Program Applicant's Parent/Guardian Form", a Google Form that will be sent to the email the student provides in step 1

4. Current school counselor or teacher submits "Linworth Experiential Program Applicant's School Counselor/Teacher Form," a Google Form that will be sent to the email the student provides in step 1

Please let us know if we can answer questions!

Chris Hasebrook, teacher-director:
Laura Zelch, school counselor:
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Learn more about our program from our Linworth Ted Talk
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