Blue Hills Hike! Oct. 6th, 2018
We’ll be going to the beautiful Blue Hills just south of Boston- the leaves will be beautiful at this time of year! No hiking experience required. There are lots of trails for various levels of experience. Or you can simply come and enjoy the lake.
Anyone is welcome to come. You don't have to be involved in Cru. Invite some friends. Cru is paying for the transportation and we'll have some snacks there too. There are no other costs to come. Eat Lunch before coming or bring lunch with you. You will want to bring some water. Come enjoy the great outdoors! We'll meet at Kresge to load the buses at 11:45 am, buses leaving at 12pm. We will return around 5 pm to campus.
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We need a good idea of how many people are coming so we can plan the transportation. If you aren't sure just put 1 (for yourself) or put your best guess. It doesn't have to be exact.
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