Register for the Garbage Olympics- Carrick
September 26, 2020
The Garbage Olympics is a city-wide litter pick up 'competition". Neighborhood teams will compete and report the amount of litter they picked up.(for a cute Oscar the grouch trophy and ultimate recognition)
Can we show the city how much Carrick kicks butt with the amount of garbage that they pick up?
Please register a small street team of yourself, your children and even afew neighbors. We will take an "adopt a block" or "adopt a street approach". I can deliver bags and gloves to your home or you can pick them up.
I will coordinate pick ups of all trash you and your teams collect to re-locate to one location in Carrick. I will report back to the Garbage Olympic judges, the number of bags, tires, tv's any collected trash etc. We have 2 hours to complete the event on Sar, Sept 26th. LETS GO TEAM CARRICK.

Please fill out the form below. If you have questions, please contact me at 412-212-6616. (Text or call) I will need your contact info to coordinate.
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