EAHR Research Residency Application Form
Diversifying Academia at Concordia:
EAHR Research Residency in collaboration with Concordia Library
Made possible with the support of the Department of Art History

Application Deadline: May 5, 2018
Residency Duration: May 14 – June 22 (6 weeks, up to10 hours/week or 4 weeks, up to 15 hours/week)
Location: Concordia University, Montreal, QC
Eligibility: Undergraduate students enrolled at Concordia in the Department of Art History

Diversifying Academia at Concordia: EAHR Research Residency is a paid, self-directed research program aimed at providing valuable training and professional exposure for undergraduate students. Organized by the Ethnocultural Art Histories Research Group (EAHR), the residency promotes critical engagement with issues of ethnic and cultural representation within the visual arts in Canada. We acknowledge the role academia plays in the representation of ethnic and cultural minority art histories; therefore EAHR encourages their emerging researchers-in-residence to make a scholarly commitment to the investigation of underrepresented areas in the history of the arts and visual culture through a critical review of the available print and online sources of a proposed area of research. We welcome art history students from diverse backgrounds who have an interest in making visible marginalized cultural histories of art and visual culture in Montréal.

• Create an extensive annotated bibliography on a proposed area of ethnocultural art history research that is under-represented in both art historical scholarship and the library holdings;
• Attend training workshops;
• And write an article summarizing the research.
• *Optional: in collaboration with EAHR, students are welcomed to organize a follow-up project based on their residency work (ex: seminar talk, guest lecturer, workshop, exhibit, artwork, conference panel, etc.)

Program Details:
• $750 Honorarium;
• Research support from Art History librarian Jenna Dufour;
• CUJAH office space in EV 3.780 and workspace in Concordia Library Reference Department;
• Publication of annotated bibliography on Concordia Library’s website as an open source document for students and all library users via the Art History subject guide;
• And summary article published in CUJAH Vol. XV.

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