MJE Shavuot Application 2021 *For 20s & 30s*
Join MJE Rabbis, Educators and 20's/30's outdoors for a safe, social, interactive, engaging and FUN Shavuot on the Upper West Side. Make sure you have plenty of energy and get ready for a beautiful night under the stars as we study torah, celebrate together, and savor delicious dairy desserts!


Sunday, May 16th 8:00PM @ Jewish Center 131 W 86th Rooftop
Early-bird pricing = $45
Regular Pricing = $55
Join MJE for a night full of learning and celebration with catered dinner and cheesecake desserts!

**We will be following CDC guidelines for this occasion so please make sure to mask up and sign up as we have a limited number of spots open. Please let us know if you have been vaccinated and/ or will be coming with friends in your party for seating arrangements. Thank you!**

1) Filling out this form is NOT A TICKET, you must receive confirmation and then purchase a ticket from our Eventbrite link!
2) These events are for 20s and 30s Young Jewish Professionals
3) Social distancing rules must be followed

Questions? Email kellie@jewishexperience.org OR kira@jewishexperience.org
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