Virtual Exchange Projects for Teacher Education: Spring Semester 2018
Do you work in inital teacher education?

Would you like to give your students first-hand experience in communicating and collaborating online with classes of students from other countries?

If so, the EVALUATE project ( will help you to engage your students of teacher education in Virtual Exchange projects with partner classes in other countries.

Telecollaboration, also known as Virtual Exchange, refers to the method of engaging classes in structured online intercultural collaboration and exchange projects with partner-classes in other cultural contexts under the guidance of their teachers.

This is what we will do:

• We will help you to find a partner class for your students.
• We will provide you with a well-developed model of telecollaboration which is specifically designed for teacher-education. The themes of the exchange are aimed at developing student-teachers’ transversal and intercultural competences and digital literacies. You will be given the tasks the students have to complete with their partners as well as texts and any other related materials.
• You will receive training in how to run the exchange and how to integrate it successfully into your classes.
• You will be mentored by a member of the EVALUATE team during the exchange who will help you to overcome any problems or challenges which emerge.
• You will receive the results of our study which will provide you with insight and evidence of the impact of telecollaboration on your students’ competence development.
• Most importantly, you have the opportunity to engage your students in a motivating and educational virtual learning experience.

EVALUATE - EVALUATING AND UPSCALING TELECOLLABORATIVE TEACHER EDUCATION ( is an Erasmus+ KA3 project. Among the project members are the Ministries of Education in Hungary, Portugal, Spain and the regions of Castilla y León, Spain and Baden Württemberg, Germany. In this project we will carry out a European Policy Experiment where we establish the impact of telecollaborative exchanges on student-teachers in Europe.

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