Abell & Charles Village Mutual Aid (AMA): Volunteer and Newsletter Sign-up
Mutual Aid means helping your neighbors today so they can help you tomorrow!

As we absorb impacts of COVID-19 and the new world it's created, the best thing we can do is support those close to us.

AMA is here to connect neighbors with needs to those with resources, so that we can collectively build networks of care that are literally next door.

So far, we have met requests that include picking up groceries, linking families with free food boxes, picking up prescriptions, taking folks to appointments in COVID-safe ways, finding lawyers for those facing eviction, and raising money for new housing for people in unsafe living situations.

Our goal is to reduce harm and create sustainable community connections that will exist past the pandemic, but we're also here to help with immediate and one-time needs.

Please signup for email updates and/or to volunteer below. You can call/text us at 443-492-9189 or follow us @AbellMutualAid on instagram and twitter. Stay safe out there!
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