'Learn-to-Garden' 2021 Registration Form for Learners
Amy will coordinate the program and match you with a learner. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Contact amypfloyd@gmail.com or phone 567-9714 (daytime). This is an initiative of the RAVEN Project (Rural Action and Voices for the Environment) www.raven-research.org.
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What is your address? Please enter your full address. We have a post-program survey and will mail it to anyone who doesn't have email. *
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How much experience do you have gardening or raising animals? *
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How often do you see yourself working with a mentor? *
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Do you have vehicle or a way to get to a mentor's house to work with them? *
Do you have any skills that you think you could share with a mentor? (Could be anything from hobbies like painting to professional skills like drafting.)
Do you have learning or accessibility needs you would like to let us know about?
Do you know about the Nashwaak Community Growers Group? If not, you can learn more at www.nashwaakcommunitygrowers.com or call 567-9714. *
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