Hello and welcome to the sign up for the Flash Dice Tournament!

Date Saturday September 29th, 2019
Time: 1:30 PM
Location inside convention: The Gaming Hall Area
Tournament Entry: FREE TO ENTER!
Tournament Style: Highest Score wins

Hello and welcome to the Flash Dice Tournament!.

Flash Dice is a very fast press your luck dice rolling game that can hold up to multiple players. For this tournament our largest pods will be 6 people.

Prizes are a prize box for the first place winner. 2nd place also gets a prize


The player with the highest score over 5000 wins the game.

Players will roll up to 6 dice per turn, which after rolled they have to take 1's, 5's, and/or certain dice combinations which count as points, put into their point area. If a player has any of these, they can either Stand to take their points, or keep going. If all 6 dice are in the player's point area, they can roll all the dice again. if a player does not have either of these requirements, they Bust and their turn is over. To Stand, a player must first reach 500 points. Once they reach 500 points a player can stand at any time if they can after rolling. When a player reaches 5000 points (or over) and stands, this triggers the end game where all other players get 1 final turn to beat that score. The player with the highest points wins.


one 1 = 100 points
one 5 = 50 points
three 1's = 750
three 2's = 200
three 3's = 300
three 4's = 400
three 5's = 500
three 6's = 600
Straight of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6 = 1500 (This can only happen rolling 6 dice)
Any combination of pairs (example two 2's. two 4's, and two 5's) =1500 points (This can only happen rolling 6 dice)

That's all the rules! Super easy, and super fast and fun. Let the pressing of your luck begin!

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