AHA Volunteer Application
We thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer for At Home in Alexandria (AHA). As a volunteer-based, nonprofit organization, we are grateful for the invaluable support of our many generous and skilled volunteers.

Please complete this form to initiate the application process. Our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you to discuss your areas of interest and ensure you will find your volunteer experience worthwhile and enjoyable. We will ask you, after you meet with the Volunteer Coordinator, to complete a confidential online criminal background check form and driving record check (if you elect to be an AHA volunteer driver). You'll be notified after the check is completed. You'll receive the link to the background check form by email.

We look forward to working with you to meet the needs of our older adult members. Thank you!
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AHA Volunteers perform many types of services for our AHA members. Please indicate in which areas you would like to volunteer your time and skills. *
Please list any days/times of the week that you would be unavailable to volunteer (due to other commitments, general preferences, etc.). Note that most service requests are on weekdays during the day.
Please indicate your agreement below: As an AHA volunteer I will comply with AHA policies and procedures, which will be shared with me by the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the background check. I understand my status as a volunteer will be approved only after I have successfully completed the required background check(s) and that information has been reviewed by the AHA Executive Director. *
Thank you very much for your interest in At Home in Alexandria. We will be in touch with you very soon.
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