Energy Questionnaire
The 100% Renewable Energy by 2040 resolution has passed in 5 of the 6 towns and will be voted upon in Oak Bluffs at the November 9, 2021 Special Town Meeting, which convenes at 7pm at the Oak Bluffs School.

Climate change is occurring even faster than had been anticipated and we need to meet the goals as quickly as possible.

The first thing we need to do is transition away from fossil fuels and get the energy we need from electricity generated from renewable sources.

Please help us to further this effort in Oak Bluffs by answering the following questions. Your participation will help us understand how to focus the work needed to best support our transition, in Oak Bluffs and across the island.

Many thanks,

Oak Bluffs Climate & Energy Advisory Committee
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Do you own or rent your home? *
How old is your house? *
How do you currently heat and cool your house? *
If you use an air source heat pump, do you use it to heat (as well as cool) your home?
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If you do not use an air source heat pump to heat your home, what is holding you back from making this transition?
Heat pumps, which use electricity to heat and cool your home, now operate efficiently at colder temperatures and their operating costs are considerably less than that of a propane or oil-fueled heating system.
How do you currently heat your hot water? *
If you do not heat your water with an electric heat pump water heater, what is holding you back from making this transition?
Hybrid electric water heaters are also heat pumps and they reduce the humidity of whatever space they are in and so can reduce mold in places like basements in the summer months. They draw their heat from the surrounding space and need a space that is at least 50 degrees.
What kind of vehicle or vehicles do you currently drive? *
How old are your vehicles? *
Are any of your vehicles electric?
If you do not own or lease an EV, what is holding you back from making this transition?
Electric vehicles (EVs) require much less maintenance than combustion engine vehicles and are cheaper to operate.
Do you have solar at your house to make your electricity? *
If you have solar, how much of your power does it make?
Do you buy electricity from a renewable source such as Cape Light Compact Local Green or from a community solar project? *
Solar panels are now much more affordable and have a payback of 4-5 years. If you can't do solar at your house, you can still buy your electricity from renewable sources.
The Cape Light Compact offers free home assessments to help identify energy-efficient upgrades to reduce energy bills, increase year-round comfort, and create a healthier environment for homeowners and renters alike.
Would you like to join the Island Climate Action Network list to hear monthly about island climate initiatives and news?
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Thank you so much for helping with this.
Please share this questionnaire with others as the more answers we get, the more we will know what to provide information and support about.
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