GSE Science Phenomena Bank
One of the top requests from teachers as they implement the science GSE has been for a bank of phenomena ideas aligned to the standards. So, we continue working to build such a collection. Thank you for your contribution, as it will help support excellence science teaching for students across the state. Once you submit your phenomenon, it will be reviewed based on the criteria posted on our site. Phenomena that show good potential for driving 3D science learning will be added to the bank. Email Jeremy Peacock ( if you have any questions about the bank or using the submission form. Please note that this form will require input on just three pages. Don't be alarmed by the "Page 1 of 17" at the bottom of the form. The form will take you only to the page for your grade level.
Please provide the following background information related to your phenomenon.
Name of Phenomenon *
Provide a short, descriptive name for your phenomenon.
Description of Phenomenon *
Provide a brief, factual description of what students will observe with the phenomenon. Do not provide any explanation for the phenomenon here.
Link to image or video of this phenomenon. Be sure to include http:// or https:// in the link. *
Provide a single link to an image or video of the phenomenon that shows the phenomenon. If the phenomenon is to be observed through a hands-on activity, then provide an image that represents the activity.
Link to more background information about this phenomenon. The link should be a website. Be sure to include http:// or https:// in the link. *
Provide a single link to background reading to help teachers develop their own understanding of the phenomenon.
Link to lesson resources for this phenomenon. The link should be a to a cloud service like Google Drive. These resources will be available only to GSTA members. Be sure the link sharing is set to view only, and be sure to include http:// or https:// in the link.
Provide a single link to lesson resources that support the phenomenon. Resources should be your own intellectual property or be freely available online. [Optional]
Instructional Information
Please answer the following questions to provide some guidance on how the phenomenon might be used to drive instruction.
Guiding Question(s) - What question(s) might guide student learning around this phenomenon? *
How might the phenomenon be used within a lesson or sequence of lessons? *
GSE Alignment
Select the grade or course for which this phenomenon is most appropriate. You will only be able to make one selection. If you feel the phenomenon is appropriate for a second course, then you will need to submit a second form.
Grade or Course *
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