31th Annual Pow Wow at ASU Arts & Crafts Vendor Application
Print & Mail In Applications are available on our website. Http://powwow.asu.edu
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This is the first part of the online arts & crafts vendor application. There will be a link at the bottom of the page to pay your space once you have completed the required information. You will need to add the type of space to a shopping cart and check out with a payment for your online application to be complete. Your payment receipt from Paypal will be your payment confirmation.

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2017 Arts and Crafts Vendor Application

♦ Online Vendor Application fees must be paid in full to be considered complete and BOOTH FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


1. Accepted vendors will receive a confirmation notice via email or USPS with set up information. Your confirmation of payment will include a letter of your setup & arrival time. We will assign booth spaces according to receipt of payments. Arriving later than the time assigned may affect your priority of booth spaces available.

2. Two weekend vendor passes will be given per booth space reserved. Additional discounted passes can be purchased with the application or at the event, there is a limit of 6 discounted weekend passes per space purchased.

2. Booth spaces are 10 feet by 12 feet. Vendors are required to set up within the space allotted. Additional fees for extra space will be charged at the discretion of the Pow Wow Committee. Spaces for non-profit organizations are 10 feet by 10 feet.

3. Vendors must provide their own canopies, tables, chairs, lighting, and power. Canopy stakes must be 10 inches or shorter – please be prepared to show stakes to the Vendor Coordinator prior to set-up.

4. Additional electrical outlets will be used exclusively by the ASU Pow Wow Committee and Head Staff.

5. Vendors will not be allowed to drive onto the field to load/unload. Please bring hand trucks, and dollys. There will be a limited number of Committee members with electric vehicles to assist unloading and loading.

6. There is no reserved parking spaces for vendors. Please pay attention to all posted parking regulations. Parking tickets or fines are the sole responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

6. Vendors are responsible for the set-up, take down and removal of trash of their own spaces.

7. There will be no reserved parking spaces for vendors.

8. Please pay attention to all posted parking regulations. All tickets or fines are your sole responsibility.


1. Overnight security will be provided.

2. By signing this vendor application you are holding Arizona State University, ASU Pow Wow Committee, and its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers of each of them harmless for any and all theft, vandalism, damage to property or goods, or bodily injuries that may occur to you or your assistants, property, equipment, and goods during the Pow Wow including set-up and take-down of vendor booth.


1. Vendors may not sell any type of food or beverage, prepackaged or otherwise, (i.e. candy, sodas, etc.).

2. The selling of knives, pipes, tobacco, sage, sweet grass, endangered animals or parts is prohibited.

3. The selling of hip-hop merchandise (t-shirts, hats, music), novelty items and toys is prohibited.

4. Amplified recorded music is prohibited.

5. The ASU Pow Wow Committee reserves the right to prohibit vendors from selling or displaying any items, which are disturbing to the attending community at the ASU Pow Wow.

Vendor Space Fees before April 1, 2017
Online vendor application prices:
Friday-Sunday Full Weekend booth space $310
Saturday & Sunday booth space $210
Non-profit booth space $52

Mail in application fees:
Friday-Sunday Full Weekend booth space $350
Saturday & Sunday booth space $250
Non-profit booth space $50

Vendor Space Fees April 2, 2017 - April 15, 2017
Online vendor application prices:
Friday-Sunday Full Weekend booth space $360
Saturday & Sunday booth space $260
Non-profit booth space $52

Mail in application fees:
Friday-Sunday Full Weekend booth space $350
Saturday & Sunday booth space $250
Non-profit booth space $50

Vendor Spaces
The online vendor application includes a convenience fee.

Regular Vendor Spaces are 10x12

Non-Profit Spaces are 10x10
Product cannot be sold & donation drawings are allowed in non-profit spaces

Vendor Space Type
Vendor spaces are either, Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Sunday. We do not sell individual days for vendor spaces. Non profit spaces are for Friday-Sunday. Regular vendor spaces are 10x12' and non profit spaces are 10'x10'
Description of Items to be sold
In order to maintain the integrity of the event we do not allow the selling of Tobacco, Sage, Sweet Grass, Pipes, Knives, “Grand Canyon, Stringed, Junk Jewelry, Hip Hop Tshirts, Novelty Items and Toys.” If you have any questions about your product, please email us at asupwvendors@gmail.com
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Do you use a generator in your setup?
As per the ASU Fire Marshall, we have specific locations for vendor spaces with generators. The field will be lighted by overhead lights that are bright like a baseball field
Vendor Rules
By clicking all of the boxes below, you have read, understand and agree to all of the rules:
Arts and Crafts Exhibitor Rules and Regulations
The ASU Pow Wow Committee would like to welcome you to the 31th Annual Pow Wow at ASU. We are pleased to have you as part of this year’s celebration. To ensure that you enjoy a safe weekend with us, we have developed the following list of rules and regulations:
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