Spring 2019 Clubs
Dates run March 18th through May 31st

Use this form to choose after-school club(s) for an individual student. We will add costs to your existing TADS billing account for any items that require payment. **Only Tae Kwon Do and The Knight School will bill participants directly.

If you have multiple students at HTS who would like to sign up for after-school clubs, you must complete this form once per child.

ALSO: Select clubs will continue their session from Winter and into Spring and not reopen registration.
Those are the following:

PreK - 3rd Tae Kwon Do: Runs through May 5th
6th - 8th Math Team: Runs through April 9th
5th-8th Debate Team: Runs through April 17th

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Students are provided with a snack prior to their club. There is a $2 charge per each date of the club for that snack, if the child is not enrolled in after school. (Your billing will reflect this fee, for example: If the club meets 8 times, you will be charges $16, if it meets 4 times, you will be charged $8, etc).
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