SFF org funding application for 2020-h2
Application due date: September 5, 2020 (11:59pm Pacific Time)

This application form is for organizations seeking funding from the Survival and Flourishing Fund (SFF) to be disbursed in December 2020.  For more information about SFF, visit http://survivalandflourishing.fund/.

Organizations seeking funding using this form must already have charity status, or be hosted by an organization with charity status.  Please submit only one application per organization.

You may need several sittings to collect all of the information you need for this application.  In most browsers, it is possible to print the application to paper or PDF, which can be used as a checklist to make sure you have everything ready to submit prior to filling out this online form.

When providing links as part of this application, be sure to make sure the link is configured to be viewable by anyone; otherwise your application might be disregarded.

Your application may be viewed by SFF's Fund Advisors, our affiliates, or anyone we choose to enlist in evaluating your application.  We may also choose to share your applications with other funders if we think they might be interested in funding your org.  We will not share your materials or our evaluations further unless you grant us permission to do so.

If you need to reach SFF, you can send an email to sff(char)contact@googlegroups.com, with (char) replaced by a hyphen (to avoid spam). Note that we are a volunteer-run organization and might take some time to respond.
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Email *
Your name *
(The name of the person filling out this form.)
Contact person *
The name of the person for us to contact in case we have more questions about your application.
Contact email *
An email address for the contact person.
Long-Form Application Attachment
This long form application attachment helps application reviewers to understand the history of your organization and how your plans relate to our mission.  To fill it out, make a copy of the following Google Doc template, and complete the document with answers about your organization before proceeding with the rest of this short form application:


If you submitted a long-form application to SFF before, you can just make a copy of your previously used long-form attachment, make a few updates to make sure it's still accurate, and submit the updated document here.  If you have never submitted a long-form application to SFF before, you will need to do that for this round.

Link to long-form application attachment *
Please provide a link to your long-form application attachment here.
This section is for basic information about the organization seeking funding.
Organization name *
Organization website *
Organization country *
Link to latest org chart *
Please provide a viewable-by-anyone link to an up-to-date organization chart, using arrows to depict the structure of responsibility and reporting within your organization.
Compensation information *
Please provide a list of anonymized compensation amounts for all staff at your organization that this fundraise might be used to compensate.  For a list of example methods to use for anonymizing and listing the compensation amounts, see here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vbz0OhPXlR1o7KmnO3pRGC3jDcoFcsrzGkKlcFpT6x4/edit#
Plan for impact *
Please describe, in 1-3 sentences, your organization's plan for improving humanity’s long term prospects for survival and flourishing, via actions you will take over the next few years.  Include mention of how your requested funding and resulting activities fit into that plan.  There is a 1000 character limit, but it's fine to give a very short explanation if you think that will be enough to make sense.
For your application to be considered, the receiving charity must already have 501(c)(3) status in the US from the IRS, or be able to demonstrate that it is the foreign equivalent of a 501(c)(3) public charity.  If neither of these is the case, there is a good chance your application will be rejected because the grant will be difficult to make.  If you're an individual seeking a grant without a charity to receive the grant for you, you might consider applying to SAF (http://survivalandflourishing.org/) instead for an individual grant.
Tax ID of the receiving charity *
Please provide the Tax ID (EIN in the United States) of the charity that would receive and administer these funds for your organization.  If your organization is a company with its own charity status, here you will provide your organization's own Tax ID.  If your organization has a parent organization that receives and administers funding for it, please provide the parent organization's Tax ID.  If your organization receives funds from the US via an intermediary organization (e.g. "Americans for Oxford"), provide that organization's Tax ID.
Name of receiving charity *
Country of the receiving charity *
In what country is the receiving charity located?  If in the US, the receiving charity must already be tax-exempt in the United States (see https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/).  If in the UK, the receiving charity must be already registered with the UK Charity Commission (see https://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/).  If outside the US and UK, please indicate the country.  Note that it may be more difficult for us to make grants outside the US and UK.
Link verifying charity status *
Please provide a viewable-by-anyone link verifying the charity status of the receiving charity.  For US charities, provide a link to the IRS charity listing, e.g., https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/displayAll.do?dispatchMethod=displayAllInfo&Id=533893&ein=203069841.  For UK charities, provide a link to the UK Charity Commission listing, e.g., https://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Showcharity/RegisterOfCharities/CharityWithPartB.aspx?RegisteredCharityNumber=1105319&SubsidiaryNumber=0.  Otherwise, provide a link to another official document or source evidencing the charity status of the receiving charity.
Confirmation of agreement with receiving charity *
Have you already reached an agreement with the receiving charity to administer grants for you in a manner compatible with your plans described in this application?
Start date of funding period *
In this and the next question, please specify a period of time, at least 1 year in duration, over which you plan to use the requested funding.  We will use this information to infer that, absent major changes at your organization, if we grant the entirety of your requested funding then you will not request further funding from us to cover your organization during that period of time.  It's fine if you plan to approach us again as the end of the funding period draws closer, to request funds for a future funding period.
End date of funding period *
Amount of base request *
Please specify a "base amount" requested, measured in USD, which you are relatively confident your organization will use, and for which you have a relatively stable plan for using.  Note that if we choose to fund your org, we might not offer the exact base amount, because trade-offs with funding other orgs might lead us to offer you a smaller grant amount instead.  Please be sure to account for this potential unpredictability in your other fundraising efforts.
Currency of base request (optional)
If you would prefer the grant to be made with a USD-equivalent-amount of foreign currency, please name the currency.
BASIC SPENDING PLAN (for basic funding request)
These questions help us develop our mental picture of how you plan to spend money.
Budget *
Please provide a link to an approximate budget which summarizes in 1 page or less how you would use the base amount over the course of the funding period, if granted in full.    If you wish, the budget can be for larger amount, if you are counting on fundraising from other sources for the given funding period.  For instance, if you are planning to raise a total of $100k for the funding period described, but are only requesting a $30k base amount from us because you are reasonably confident you will raise the remaining $70k from other sources, you may find it easier to describe a plan for how you expect to spend the full $100k instead of having to figure out how the $30k specifically from us will be spent.  If you've already created a public fundraiser page with this kind of information, please include a link to it in your spending plan.
Confidence in your basic spending plan *
Please provide a short statement describing how confident you are that your base amount would be used in accordance with your basic spending plan.  Where possible, try to be quantitative about your uncertainty, e.g., "I'm 60% sure that <X>, and 80% sure that <Y>".  (Maximum 500 characters.)
Available funds *
*Very roughly*, how much USD-equivalent funding does your organization have available, in total, that could be used for this spending plan?
Context on available funds (optional)
If for some reason you wish to provide additional information about the available funds, you may do so here.  (Maximum 500 characters.)
Partial fulfillment considerations
Partial fulfillment option *
If this grant round decides not to grant you the full requested base amount above, should we still consider granting smaller amounts?
Partial fulfillment impact
If you selected "yes" to the partial fulfillment option, please provide a brief statement indicating how your plans would change from those in your basic spending plan, if we make only a partial grant.  If you like, for concreteness you can focus on a scenario where we grant 50% of the base amount.  (Maximum: 1000 characters.)
These questions help us learn more about the funding landscape around your organization, and how our funding might fit into that landscape.
Concurrent fundraising *
What other sources of funding are you currently seeking (or planning to seek) for your basic spending plan?  It would help if you can also give some sense of how likely you think it is that these other fundraising efforts will be successful.  (Maximum: 1000 characters.)
Unsuccessful fundraising attempts *
Are there other sources of funding that you have previously approached for funding these or similar activities, but that declined your request?  And, can you guess at why your attempts were unsuccessful?  A short summary is sufficient.  (Maximum: 1000 characters.)
Conspicuously absent funding sources (optional)
Are there funders who have supported your organization’s previous activities who are not supporting, or have limited their support for, the activities described above? If so, it would help for us to know about this, so that we are not surprised to find less future funding support for your organization than expected.  It also helps if you are able to tell us why they changed or reduced their support for your org, but please respect their privacy wherever it should apply. (Maximum: 1000 characters.)
If you wish, you may also describe a request for a larger amount than the base amount, and a plan for how you would spend it over the same funding period.
Amount of ambitious request (optional)
Please specify the total amount of the ambitious request.  E.g., if your base request was for $30k, and you with to describe some ambitious but less certain plans for how you would use an additional $20k, then write $50k for the amount of the ambitious request.
Spending plan for your ambitious request (optional)
Provide a viewable-by-anyone link to a 1-page budget describing how you use this ambitious amount, similar to how you described a plan for the base amount.
Confidence in your ambitious request spending plan (optional)
Please provide a short statement describing how confident you are that your base amount would be used in accordance with your basic spending plan.  Where possible, try to be quantitative about your uncertainty, e.g., "I'm 60% sure that <X>, and 80% sure that <Y>".  (Maximum 500 characters.)
Please include up to three viewable-by-anyone links to webpages or documents that you think will be legibly impressive and interesting to the SFF Advisors and their affiliates.  For more information about our Advisors, see http://survivalandflourishing.org/ .  (Link descriptions are limited to 500 characters.)
Link #1
Link #1 description
Link #2
Link #2 description
Link #3
Link #3 description
These acknowledgements are in place to help SFF's Fund Advisors ('SFF Advisors') to develop a shared understanding with your organization about what we are likely to do with your application.  
Variance in funding amount (required) *
Please acknowledge: "I understand that SFF might choose to offer my organization a gift of funding that is considerably different from the amount(s) requested in this application.  It is my organization's responsibility to account for this potential uncertainty in our other fundraising efforts."
Full application disclosure to reviewers (required) *
Please acknowledge: "I grant permission to SFF Advisors to share my full application with anyone the SFF Advisors choose to enlist in reviewing the application.  In particular, SFF Advisors may also choose to share this application with other funders that they believe might be interested in funding my organization."
Some application reviewers might consider your application more favorably if you grant broader disclosure permissions with it, because of the additional opportunities for external fact-checking this will create.  Other reviewers might be very sympathetic to limited sharing permissions.
Fact of application disclosure (optional) *
Please consider acknowledging: "I grant permission to application reviewers in this grant round to share, with anyone, the fact that an application was submitted to this grant round on behalf of the organization I have listed on this form under 'Organization name'.  This permission does not cover the sharing of details from my application or evaluations of my application."
Basic funding request disclosure (optional) *
Please consider acknowledging: "I grant permission to application reviewers in this grant round to share, with anyone, the information I've entered under the BASIC FUNDING REQUEST heading of this form."
Numerical evaluation disclosure (optional) *
Each application in this grant round will receive a composite numerical evaluation consisting of one to three numbers, from each application reviewer who chooses to evaluate that application.  Please consider acknowledging: "I hereby grant permission for application reviewers in this grant round to publically share their numerical evaluation of this application, and other numbers indicating the total amount of funding they recommended to my organization in this grant round.  This permission *does not* extend to permit the sharing of publically written opinions about my application, publically written explanations of the numerical evaluation, or publically written references to my application materials."
Written evaluation disclosure (optional) *
Some application reviewers in this grant round may choose to write notes about some of the applications they review, including recommendations for or against funding the applicant organization.  Please consider acknowledging: "I hereby grant permission for application reviewers in this grant round to publically share their written evaluation of this application.  This permission *does not* extend to permit the sharing of my application contents, in part or in full."
We really appreciate the time you've taken to compress and organize your team's information into a form that is easy for us to digest and compare alongside other organizations.  And of course, thanks for your efforts to support the survival and flourishing of humanity.
Feedback (optional)
If there's any feedback you'd be willing to give on this application process, please do so here.  (Maximum 1000 characters.)
Anything else?
If there's anything else you'd like to share that didn't fit into the application, please do so here.  (Maximum 1000 characters.)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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