Family Constellations Workshop Online Sunday, June 2, 2019 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm EST.
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RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I take full responsibility for my experience. I understand that I may leave these meetings at any time for any reason. I understand that this workshop may bring up issues of a highly personal nature that may cause me to experience emotional or physical responses that may be unexpected and/or unpleasant. Further, I understand that I may experience mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual distress and that such distress may cause unpleasant feelings. What is experienced in this workshop/training may create physical responses on my part or on the part of other participants. I understand that there is the risk of accident, injury, and emotional distress. I agree to assume this risk, including but not limited to the types of responses described. I confirm that I do not suffer from any mental or physical impairment, and have not been diagnosed at any point with a disorder, condition, or injury, either physical or mental, that might make it inadvisable for me to assume such risks. This workshop is designed as an educational venue only. This workshop is not designed as a substitute for therapy or as a substitute for any other form of professional consultation. By clicking below, I willingly agree to the preceding statements and to hold harmless from all liability, the facilitator, the organizers, and all participants and observers attending this workshop. *
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