Royal Society of South Australia Members Feedback
Esteemed members, to accomplish our 2020-2022 plan for the RSSA, we seek to make changes to our website (, and our activities. We greatly welcome your feedback! Please answer the questions below by August 10.
Where do you go for information about the society and meetings?
How regularly do you access the RSSA website?
Rarely (e.g. yearly; use 0 for never)
Frequently (e.g. daily)
Clear selection
What pages of the RSSA website do you access and read? (multiple entries possible)
What aspect(s) of the RSSA website do you like?
What aspect(s) of the RSSA website can be improved?
What content and functionality not currently available on the RSSA website would you like to see added?
Very important
Not at all important
No opinion
Renew membership subscriptions
"Expert" database (similar to to promote and celebrate expertise from our members
Abstracts of recent publications in the Transactions
Any other content or functionality not included above that you wish to see added?
What do you like to get out of your RSSA membership? (You may comment on existing benefits or suggest new benefits)
Where do you want the RSSA to focus activities?
very relevant
not so relevant
no opinion
Scientific presentations
Social media presence
Submissions to matters pertinent to the RSSA
Informing policy pertinent to the RSSA
Liaison with other scientific associations
What else would you value as RSSA activity?
Thank you for your time completing this survey. Your feedback is valuable to us!
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