This open-format survey is an opportunity to contribute to a collaborative vision for Guelph’s future -- a positive, resilient, post-carbon future that we can strive for together. The ideas you share are important for building a vision including many perspectives on sustainability and unique interests creativity and ideas.

The responses will contribute to a report being compiled by Transition members of our vision for Guelph, to be presented to the City of Guelph, and shared with our partners. We will use it to plan the way forward and measure our success over time with reaching our goals. Your ideas will empower others to create their own vision of a future worth striving for.

This survey is sponsored by Inner Transition and Promosaurus. It is being done in collaboration with Dr. Anna Willow of Ohio State University. The questions are based on the original survey questions by Dr. Willow and your responses will contribute to her ongoing research.

The survey invites you to engage in visioning a positive image of the future. Begin by imagining your own community 20 years from today. If you would like, you may close your eyes for a few moments to mentally step into this world.

It is a positive future in which we have managed to overcome fossil fuel addiction and are adapting successfully to a changed climate. It doesn’t have to be a utopia, just one that is plausibly achievable, and you are not expected to have fully formulated (or “perfect”) ideas. Your job is simply to brainstorm what life in your future community is like. Be creative and respond deeply from a position in the imagined future of 2040.

Please provide your email address so that we can add you to the draw for a copy of Rob Hopkin's new book, From What Is To What If.
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