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The coronavirus pandemic continues to have far-reaching impacts on our daily lives, specifically, it continues to affect students across Ottawa. For those with a supportive and safe area to study, a stable internet connection, and adequate technology, it was a relatively easy transition; however, for underprivileged students, the transition was difficult. Therefore, GoelTutoring has created a unique program aimed at teaching K-12 students, who are suffering from the pandemic, in a variety of subjects for free.

Confidentiality is protected. All sessions are taught in English. You may be grouped with other students depending on the availability of tutors. It may take a couple of days to be matched with a tutor.

Tutors will be matched based on the student’s grade, subject(s), day & time preference, and other factors indicated by the student/family. Tutors will create weekly meeting links on an online platform (e.g., Google Meets, Zoom) and coordinate with the student and parent. Tutoring sessions are 1-hour long and will occur weekly for at least 1 academic semester. After every tutoring session, students will fill out a 30-second survey about their experience.

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