Maine Herbal Gathering Zine 2020
The Maine Herbal Community is rich in knowledge and connection to the land and plants of the Wabanaki territory we inhabit. We are looking for submissions for a zine in which we hope to feature the diverse and unique voices of this community. It has been a goal of the Maine Herbal Gathering event to create connections within the community of herbal and plant lovers not just in the form of an in-person event but hopefully in other ways as well. Our aim is for a printed zine to become an accessible platform this year and onward to uplift voices in our community, and become a tangible piece of art and beauty especially in this year of digital fatigue.

Submitting Content to the Zine - Due October 31st, 2020:

We are seeking submissions from anyone who is living in Maine or is connected to the herbal community and/or plants here currently or in the past. You needn’t have taught at a gathering before or even have attended a gathering to submit! Submissions can be in the form of plant monographs, creative writings in relation to plant lore or plant communication, herbal storytelling, drawings, photos, songs, poems, resources, blurbs, herbal recipes all relating to using plants as medicine or allies.

The zine will be printed in black and white with a color cover to keep the cost down. We will be selling them for a sliding scale price that covers our printing cost with any proceeds going to support the next volunteer-run Maine Herbal Gathering event and will have them available by December for end of year gifting.

Please keep writing submissions to 800 words or one 8.5”x 5.5” page. We would like our zine to be supportive to all members of the community and ask that you use inclusive language when writing about herbal usages and indications. For example using the word “generative” instead of “reproductive” speaks to a larger variety of people as does the term “birthing bodies” if writing an article about prenatal herbal support so to include our trans community members. We acknowledge we are still learning language around how to be the most inclusive in our work and ask that others make this effort as well. If you have questions about this or more information to contribute as resources please reach out.

This project emerges from an anti-racist framework and therefore prioritize QTBIPOC submissions and work that delves into or calls attention to the decolonization of herbal practices most identified as “western herbalism.”

Please read through the following resources to gain a beginning idea of where we are coming from:

Definition of Herbal Justice -

Decolonizing Herbalism -

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