Social Work Interventions During the Coronavirus Pandemic
We are all faced with a unique and unprecedented challenge to continue to provide social services during the Corona pandemic. We are working under sometimes stringent restrictions while needing to protect our own health and well being. To that end, the Israel Union of Social Workers has prepared a brief questionnaire to gather information on the creative responses that social workers are developing to reach that goal. If you are a social worker who is involved in the social work response in your city we would appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experience. If you have any questions please contact Brian Auslander, or Rinat Salem, The results will be shared with all who respond and through the International Federation of Social Workers website.
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4. How are you able to maintain contact with your clients?
Have you developed any new methods to respond to the needs of clients during this emergency that has helped you communicate or make relevant information more easily available?
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6. What are your main activities during this emergency?
7. Dilemmas and challenges faced?
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