Elizabeth Nwansi Private Coaching Application
Are you ready for a complete transformation?

You're here because you love your business
You love what you do
You love serving your clients
And you're ready for the next level.

You are committed
You take action
You know where you want to be
You're looking for help to get there

You know that every time you invest in yourself at a high level, you show up at a high level.

Working with a mentor like me is like have a partner walking with you every step of the way. The questions you have, will no longer hold you back and you will spend all of the new extra time building your $100k photography business.

I work with photographers who desire to get to six figures by improving their positioning, branding, strategy and mindset.

I have been supporting photographers for the last 3 years and have helped many businesses book their first weddings, raise prices substantially, successful rebrands and moving into the luxury price range.

My coaching style is strategy & mindset. I know that you can't be successful without implementing both strategy and mindset, and I hold anyone I work with personally to the highest standard to show up do the damn thing.

Application Requirements:

- Please only apply if you are already feeling like a yes to want to work with Elizabeth. If you're not there yet, we suggest starting with our course & group coaching offers first.

- You will be able to request a container length, but please be aware that private coaching mentorships range from $2k - $28k

Please email us if you have ANY questions, I'm SO excited to work with you!

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