Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS) Qualification Application

TIFMAS Qualification Procedures

1.Applications should be filled out by the requesting applicant. All position qualifications are listed on the TIFMAS site.

2. Do not send copies of certificates. Copies of certificates are required only when the Fire Chief is applying for a qualification. The Chief cannot verify his/her own qualifications.

3.The TIFMAS Card will be issued through the Texas A&M Forest Service

4.The TIFMAS card will be issued when one or more of the qualifications have been completed and an application has been submitted. Each time an additional qualification is completed a new TIFMAS card will be issued. To request an updated card email tifmas@tfs.tamu.edu. You do not need to submit a new application.

5. Candidates can achieve the All Hazards and Wildland qualification in any order.

6. The Wildland and All Hazard qualification must be completed prior to working towards Engine Pump Operator (ENOP).

7. The Wildland, All Hazard, and Firefighter I-ICT5 qualification must be completed prior to working towards Engine Boss

8. The Wildland, All Hazard, FFI-ICT5, and Engine Boss (ENGB) qualification must be completed prior to working towards Strike Team Leader (STEN).

9. Firefighter I-ICT5, Engine Boss (ENGB) and Strike Team Leader (STEN) do not require the ENOP qualification.

10.Qualifications for the Chief of the Department – When the Fire Chief of the Department applies for TIFMAS qualifications they will submit their application and follow up with copies of required certifications and the task book if applicable. All additional information should be scanned and submitted electronically to Texas A&M Forest Service at tifmas@tfs.tamu.edu. The TIFMAS qualification committee will review the application and all documentation for approval and issue TIFMAS Card verifying qualifications. Chief of Department cannot verify own their application.

12.Position Task Books for Firefighter I-ICT5, Engine Operator (ENOP), Engine Boss (ENGB) and Strike Team Leader (STEN) – Position Tasks Books (PTB) are required for these positions and are available for download at tifmas.org. All records of the task book will be maintained by the sponsoring jurisdiction. For guidelines on Position Task Books go to Tifmas.org

13.The Fire Chief will receive a follow up email from the Texas A&M Forest Service to verify he/she is aware of the application from their department and to verify the applicant is qualified for the position.

14. Each TIFMAS card will indicate an expiration date and it shall be the responsibility of the card holder and/or jurisdiction to submit a renewal application in a timely manner.

15. If you are already in the TIFMAS credentialing system and need to add/update, renew qualifications or transfer your record to a different department, please email tifmas@tfs.tamu.edu Please do not fill out the form again.

16. Please refer all questions about your TIFMAS card to tifmas@tfs.tamu.edu

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