How Engaged are your Employees?
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I understand the aspirations and goals of each of my employees.
I understand the communication style of each employee, and how to adapt to make sure my messages have impact.
I make sure each employee has a clear sense of where the organization has been, where it is now, and where it is headed.
Each employee knows exactly what I expect, how he or she is doing, and what he or she can do better.
I provide informal feedback to each employee on a regular basis.
My employees would say that they never receive any surprises during formal performance reviews.
I use a different strategy to engage each employee depending on his or her current performance, potential, and talents.
I use a variety of different communication styles (e.g., facts, stories, involving, asserting, negotiating, sharing a vision) depending on the situation.
Each employee would say that I keep my word.
Each employee would say that I am a competent and credible leader.
I make sure that roles and responsibilities are clear and give each employee an appropriate amount of autonomy and authority.
Each employee would say that I provide the needed resources, training, information, and time for them to succeed.
I frequently acknowledge and recognize each employee for his or her contribution – in ways that matter most to them.
I spend time with each employee to plan for their professional development, and support employees to achieve their professional aspirations.
I consider one of my top priorities to identify and groom future leaders.
I actively seek, consider, and act on advice about how I can be a better leader.
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