Upper Valley COVID-19 Response #ViralKindness
This medical student-led effort is a communication platform to support community efforts to self-organize through solidarity and community ties. We are prioritizing forms of support that do not require contact.

We cannot take responsibility for individuals not taking safety measures recommended by the CDC or their local governments. Please stay at home & avoid contact with people (i.e., the greatest act of altruism!) and wash your hands. You are responsible for your own health and by virtue of a pandemic, for others' health.

Updates and the directory will be made available for public access (e.g., you will be able to reach out to people willing to support you in your area). Please ONLY provide information you're comfortable having public (though this form will be deleted after the pandemic).

If you're in an emergency or in need of medical assistance, please call 911.
Important information:
FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/213069193241618/.

DIRECTORY (Volunteers): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q3cdLuXj9qx8yXCTqLJ1MQEkzUve-G6jhOoLtlPOl8w/edit?usp=sharing

QUESTIONS? Please email: geisel.viralkindness@gmail.com

CHILDCARE: Another medical student-led effort is working on providing childcare solutions to healthcare professionals and is looking for student volunteers: https://www.hcwchildcareco-op.com/

CREDIT: This form is inspired by the Birmingham (UK) Community Solidarity - Coronavirus Response.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Dartmouth College nor Geisel Medical School nor DHMC is responsible for this form. This is strictly a student-led effort.
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Please feel free to provide a Facebook link, Linkedin, or some public identifier. Please note we cannot confirm identities and leave that to your own discretion when you contact someone.
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Any comments or ideas? (For prompter reply, please email geisel.viralkindness@gmail.com)
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