Batwynn/Brahn's Art Commission Form
Please check the prices here before sending in this form, thank you! For more complicated projects or questions, feel free to email me directly at I reserve the right to refuse any commissions/projects at any point with or without an explanation. *Any refusal after payment will result in a complete refund. 
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Type of Commission: (Ex: Comic, illustration, etc.) *
Commision Style: (Ex sketch, ink, etc.) *
Is this a NSFW art project? (Ex: explicit s*xual content) *This type of content is allowed, I just like a heads up. :)  *
Please give me a more detailed summary of what you're looking for and a work timeline.(When you need the project completed by, and/or a schedule for updates if it's a bigger project.) Be sure to include details such as: Number of characters/people/animals etc. Environment/background info. Clothing info. Things like eye colors, scars, etc. If this is a fan art, please be sure to include names of characters, where they're from, and any relevant details I might need if they are particularly hard to find references for. I will contact you for visual references, if you have any, at the time of commission  acceptance. 
Payments and permissions
I typically work on a half-up-front half-when-completed bases for most commissions, but I am open to other options in regards to projects like comic Kickstarter projects, Zines, etc. There are some exceptions I am willing to make, but please know that failure to complete a payment for a completed project will result in your being blacklisted. I will only provided heavily watermarked and low-quality images for check ins before the final payment, and I ask that you be up front about private use and commercial use of your commission as the prices and permissions vary between those two types of work. 

Non commercial rights grant you the use of the art commissioned from me as private use. You may post it, share it, use it as references, modify it for personal use ONLY, use it for profile pictures, phone backgrounds, etc. You are NOT permitted to use it in a way that promotes your brand, business, or any other way that will provide you income. You may not sell it, you may not use it for merchandise, you may not submit it to contests, and you may not claim it as your own work. I also do not grant any permissions for my artwork, commissioned or not, to be used in NFTs, submitted to any AI models, or used to train AI/ML models for private OR commercial rights.  

Commercial rights allow you to use the art commissioned for sales, merchandise, advertising, etc. You will own the artwork, and be free to use it for promotional, (some) publishing, etc. Selecting a commercial permission will require additional information, and a contract. I will reach out via email for these details and to have you sign the contract.   

Payment options: *You may request other forms of payment, but not all options are available for me and I may be forced to refuse the commission. Apologies!  *
Any additional information or questions:
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