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The COVID-19 Coordinator for each site is responsible for submitting the Site Registration Form. This form should be used to register a local program meeting/social gathering or to register a NEW training site.

After you submit this form, a SOPA representative will contact you within 48 hours to notify you of the decision of your approval request (this excludes weekends). IMPORTANT: You may not host your event or begin training prior to receiving notification from SOPA.

Please reach out to your SOPA Field Director with any questions that you may have.
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As the COVID-19 Coordinator I have read the Return to Activities plan and appendix and agree to uphold all outlined responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of all participants is met. *
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ATHLETE PERFORMANCE TRAINING: Athlete Performance Training is designed to elevate the fitness levels of athletes and improve their sports outcomes. Athlete Performance Training consists of a combination of coach-facilitated sports practices and at-home fitness programs. Together, these help ensure participants become healthier, more fit and live longer lives.
Is your training site going to participate in Athlete Performance Training?
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