Adventures in Homework!
The purpose:

Expand your exposure to the French language in context
Increase your awareness of cultural differences and similarities
Use French beyond the classroom in a way that interests you

This assignment is due every Friday. You must choose a different activity every week. NO REPEATS DURING THE SAME QUARTER! After completing the activity you will write a brief paragraph, in which you reflect upon the activity you chose.

You can describe your thoughts on the activity before you completed it, or what you ultimately liked about it, what you disliked about it, the words in French that you understood from it, what you had difficulty with, what you learned from it, etc. I must see clear evidence that the task has been completed in order for you to get full points on the assignment.

FR 1: will write a minimum of 5 sentences in English
FR 2: will write a minimum 5 complete sentences in French
FR 3: will write a minimum of 10 complete sentences in French

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