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Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. (QARI) is a nonprofit organization formed to serve the Asian community in the South Shore area. The QARI ServiceCorps is a large group of high school students committed to making a large impact in the community. Members of this group are involved in QARI’s events and projects such as the Lunar New Year and August Moon Festivals, mentoring programs, and more. The ServiceCorps serves as the foundation of QARI; through actively promoting Asian Culture and social awareness of issues within the community, members of the ServiceCorps are able to develop their leadership skills, as well as become more aware of their community, while seeking ways to improve it.

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昆西亚裔協會,簡稱QARI, 是一個為南岸亚裔社區服務的非營利組織。QARI青年社區服務隊是由一群希望建設和回報我們社區的高中生所組成的,是昆西亚裔協會的強健後盾。在這個團隊的成員會參加并協助昆西亞裔協會會舉辦一些活動,例如農曆新年和中秋節的慶典,課後輔導活動等等。通過一系列的活動,不僅有利於促進社區亞洲文化發展,而且提高人們對社會問題的重視。在社區發展的同時,QARI青年社區服務隊的成員們也可以提高自己的領導才能以及對社區的關心。


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