Designer Showcase Submission
For Purgatorio: Memento Mode's designer showcase, we want to do more than just show your products. We want to create a platform for designers to share their process, ethos, and all the love and care that goes into their work. Purgatorio will feature your project, collection, or item that you have been designing or working on.
This project could be of an upcoming release, a special look at your design or creation process, your inspirations and design ethos, or a detailed look at one of your releases.

These materials for your Designer Showcase may include (but are not limited to): pre-recorded videos, photos, sketches, samples, etc. We will be compiling these materials into a video that will be played during our twitch stream event to showcase your work on this project.

This form will close after May 31st.
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Give us a short background on your brand: its origins, location, and story. *
Describe the piece, project or collection you would like to feature: *
What kinds of items are part of your project? *
What are your inspirations for this project? *
What does your design and creation process look like? Where do you start? What are your steps? *
Who is the project for? What kind of person do you think would love and wear it? *
What is your favorite thing about this project? *
Pictures and Video
We want to feature your creations in the best light and detail that we can. Please do your best to ensure all pictures and video are high resolution.

For video, please upload the video file to a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox, and put the share URLs below. If you link to a Facebook/Youtube/etc. Video, then we will not be able to feature it at Purgatorio without the actual video file.

Should you decide to send a video, please keep the total length no more than 5 minutes.
In the space below, please include any and all relevant image URLs pertaining to your project, process and designs. Please do not link to instagram image URLs. *
In the space below, please include any and all relevant image URLs of your logo and any branding elements you want us to have. *
In the space below, please share the file URL of any relevant videos pertaining to your project, process and designs. *
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