Nonprofit Project Questionnaire
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How is this free?

Changeforge consists solely of volunteers. Our skilled programmers, designers, organizers, and advocates work together to serve nonprofits and donate their time in order to provide great original websites free of charge. We have a global network of computer science students and designers who work on websites to build their resumes. All work is quality controlled by a central group of experts in our organization.

Where will my website be hosted?

You’re welcome to host your website anywhere, but we recommend letting us host it for you. This is because our servers are designed to handle millions of hits a month, have 99.99% uptime, keep your sites secure from criminals and malicious bots, and allow us to easily make updates to your site for you.
Hosting with us is great because we don’t charge monthly fees, we just ask for a one time donation of $150 which covers our expenses. We’ll never ask for any more money, and you’ll never have to think about it again.
Should you ever want to begin hosting your own content just contact us and we’ll help you transition, and as usual we’ll continue to maintain and update your site for you.

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