We are looking forward to meeting you at the NZCBA Band weekend in Christchurch this year in the middle weekend of the school holidays. This is a collaboration with NZCBA and the Chrischurch School of Music. Please register and pay $60 before 31st August. This is a band weekend for the whole family from 7 to 99 year olds who are capable of playing grade 5+ ( eg exams). We are lucky to have Dr Helen Renaud as MD
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Please tell us if you have food intolerences / food allergies so that we can cater for your needs *
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I would like to order a pizza for dinner on Saturday night ( or half pizza ) to eat between the rehearsals *
I am keen to attend a social brunch at a local restaurant on Sunday morning 10-noon for approx. $25 each. *
Please pay $60 to NZCBA bank account by 31 August. 03-0642-0745055-002 (or 02) using your Initial & surname and Instrument to identify yourself. *
Locals are requested to bring a plate of food on Friday night for snacks at morning tea and afternoon teas over the weekend. [Drinks, pizza dinner and a light lunch will be provided on Saturday] *
I will invite my friends & family to our 5pm concert on Sunday - [a rough guess will help us guage how many seats to set out for our audience] *
Thank you for registering for the NZCBA band weekend. You will have access to the music via google drive and will receive more details in September. If you have any questions please ask away in the space below! ( or email Maree or phone 027 658 7177) *
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