MCAS Test Nav 8 Self Assessment
This is NOT a test. Please answer honestly so that we may help you if necessary.
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Who is your teacher *
Could you use the BLUE arrow at the top to move to the next screen? *
Were you able to use the Answer Eliminator tool to cross out incorrect answers?
Do you know how to Review your answers? *
Do you know how to bookmark questions you wish to review later? *
You can use the Pointer to *
Were you able to move and rotate the ruler? *
Were you able to move and type in the notepad? *
Were you able to highlight words with the highlighter? *
Could you change the background color? *
Could you magnify and zoom? *
Were you able to use the line reader/mask tool? *
Could you make the computer read to you using the Text-to-Speech tool? *
Grade 5 Only: Were you able to use the online reference sheet that may help you answer questions?
Could you use the Scroll bar to see the entire question or passage? *
Were you able to use Multiple Select to choose more than one answer? *
Were you able to drag answers to the correct boxes? *
Were you able to MARK objects by selecting more than one object? *
Were you able to change your answer using the backspace key on your keyboard? *
Were you able to use Undo, Redo and Trashcan to change your answers? *
Do you have any questions or concerns about this test? *
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On a scale from 1-10(Best) How confident do you feel about the TECHNOLOGY part of this test. Do you feel ok using the computer? *
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