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Please fill out the following questions to register your school's Green Team! Registered Teams can receive a visit from us and t-shirts and supplies. They will also gain access to our quarterly contest!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Kara Luggen,
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Green Team Information
Do you have a Green Team for 2019-2020? A Green Team is defined as a group of students that assists in recycling collection in the lunchroom or classroom. *
What is the name of the adult that leads the Green Team and what is the relation to the school (Resource Coordinator, Parent Volunteer, Custodian)? *
About how many students actively participate in your Green Team? *
Is the Green Team tied to another group? (Example: Girls with Pearls, Intervention Students) *
On average, how often do the students perform Green Team duties and how many participate? (ex. 3 students daily or 2 times/wk with students) *
Other Information
Where do you recycle in your school? Select all that apply. *
Are you interested in having us visit your Green Team and provide them with T-shirts and support? *
Are you interested in having our Recycling Monitor visit your school during lunchtime to help with best practices / start lunchroom recycling? *
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