GoBiG - Gothenburg Bioinformatics Group for PhD Students
Please fill in the form if you are interested in joining the Gothenburg Bioinformatics Group for PhD Students. Fill in as much information as you want, the more you fill in the easier it will be to determine what the groups should be doing!
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Your research
What is your research about?
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How long time do you have left of your PhD?
Roughly, of course.
What bioinformatics tools do you regularly use in your research?
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What do you like the group to do?
What kind of activities do you think would be most interesting for a bioinformatics group for PhD students?
What type of activities sounds most interesting to you?
Check any number of alternatives that sounds interesting to you, one thing doesn't exclude another!
What areas would be most interesting to you to discuss?
Don't be too specific (e.g. "taxonomic affiliation of Synechooccus species"), nor to broad (e.g. "Biology")
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How often do you think the group should meet?
How long should such meetings be?
If meetings are scheduled to (late) afternoons, do you think going out for dinner or a beer together would be nice?
What do you hope to get from a bioinformatics groups for PhD students?
Write down anything you can come up with!
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Further comments
This survey is of course based on my own humble expectations for a PhD student group for bioinformatics, which means that I might have overlooked important aspects of this. Fill in any such aspects below!
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