Advertising & Branding for B2C Businesses
This survey is to identify the common issues and concerns B2C businesses face when advertising. All information gathered is for research purposes only.
Do you advertise your business enough? *
How important is your businesses brand or image? *
Not important
Extremely important
Rate the following forms of advertising based on your experience or knowledge of its effectiveness in delivering results? *
Not effective
Mildly effective
Very effective
Print - Newspapers, magazines, etc
Social Media
Website advertising (banners, popups, etc,)
Mobile App ads
Cinema advertising
Digital advertising - *
What, if any, are your complaints / issues with the current digital advertising options?
In regard to digital advertising, would you prefer to be able to handle your ad placement and timing yourself in your own time, or use a marketing company / consultant to handle it for you? *
How much time do you currently dedicate to planning and putting in place advertising for your business each week? *
What is your monthly advertising budget/spend? *
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