Eclipse 4diac - Evaluation
This questionnaire evaluates the UI and UX of the 4diac IDE. Your feedback helps us to further improve the 4diac IDE and make it easier to use.
How often do you use the 4diac IDE? *
Please answer how well these following attributes apply to the 4diac IDE. *
Fully applies
Mostly applies
Mostly does not apply
Does not apply at all
Visually appealing
Well structured
Easy to use
Please answer how well the following statements apply to the interface elements (multiple selection possible).
I know where to find this element
I frequently use this element
This element is important
This element should be shown more prominently
This element can be shown less prominently
Interface of a FB
Undo/Redo Buttons
Creation of new FBs
List/Palette of FBs
Error Messages
Help information
Layouting Buttons
Deployment Tools
FB properties
Project Structure
Detailed FB information
Which work-step in the 4diac IDE is the most unpleasant / unnecessarily cumbersome?
Why is this step unpleasant / cumbersome?
How can we further improve the 4diac IDE?
Information about you
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In what field/area do you work?
Thank you for your participation
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