InnovaYouth Workshop Volunteer Form
For the 2018-2019 year, InnovaYouth is looking to improve and increase community engagement fellowship. Official InnovaYouth will be given the leadership opportunity to promote authentic, relevant, community-oriented content and become a core member of the InnovaYouth nonprofit through volunteering at/hosting workshops in your local area.

We are looking for young people ages 13+ who have proficient communication skills to advocate for the usefulness of our workshop curriculum through volunteering and media outreach(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). We ask that all volunteers respond to their emails within 48 hours of notice so we are able to inform you of upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Benefits: Members will function as unpaid interns; having the position will increase the likelihood of hosting your own workshops in the local area as well after demonstrating a volunteering commitment. All volunteers will receive community service for the amount of hours volunteered at official workshops.
Average duration per workshop: 2 hours
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